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Trade Support Scheme
Program ID: 5860
This program aims to build stronger trading partnerships and create new export opportunities. It provides Northern Territory (NT) based organisations with financial help to offset the costs of international marketing activities.

The scheme may provide:
- Airfares (up to 50% of the cost of a return economy class airfare out of the Northern Territory)
- Marketing and promotion (up to 50% of costs to a maximum of $10,000)
- Website design or changes (up to 50% of costs to a maximum of $5,000)
- Freight (up to 50% of costs to a maximum of $2,000)
- International trade exhibitions and conferences (up to 50% of costs to a maximum of $6,000)
- International accommodation (up to 50% of costs to a maximum of $200 per person per day)
- On-the-ground expenses (fixed payment of $150 per day per person)
- Export training (up to 50% of costs to a maximum of $1,000)
- Inbound buyers (up to 50% of costs as identified in the funding categories above)
- Australian Tourism Exchange (up to a maximum of of $3,000)

Financial assistance under the program is offered as a taxable cash reimbursement on approved marketing expenditure. Applications are required to be lodged at least 14 days prior to the intended activity.

As announced in the 2013-14 Budget, $500,000 will be available to assist businesses to develop export opportunities.
Who Can Apply
Eligible applicants include businesses, industry groups and other organisations with a substantial presence in the NT, and must:
- Apply for the assistance before they incur any costs.
- Provide evidence of commercial viability in the lead-up to and during the project.
- Show that the project is likely to be successful.
- Show the trade and economic benefits that may flow through to the Territory.
- Ensure that the project is in line with World Trade Organisation obligations.
- Provide an export, marketing or business plan identifying how the project fits into the company’s overall business strategy.
- Not have made eight successful applications for the Federal government''''s Export Marketing Development Grant.

Industry groups or marketing organisations must identify:
- The involvement of individual NT companies and their commitment to the proposed project.
- Any other NT government funding received in the past 18 months.
Eligible Activities
Eligible activities include:
- Attendance at international expos and trade shows
- Promotional products
- Accommodation
- Freight costs
- Website development for international audiences

Eligible projects include:
- Existing and new international market development activities
- Market investigations
- Establishing in-country support
- Supporting inbound visits to the Territory by approved overseas buyers or trade missions
Main Assessment Criteria
The main assessment criteria include:
- Any links that already have with the proposed client or business partner.
- Inputs and development work undertaken to date.
- Research in the relevant overseas market, or with host government authorities.
- Involvement of other parties or stakeholders.
- Prior export and trade credentials.

Applications are assessed within the context of the annual budget for the program. Applications must provide all required information, including total budget, timeframe and trade results expected from the project.
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Web OverviewMarch 2016
Web Overview - What You Can ClaimMarch 2016
Application FormMarch 2016
Scheme Trip ReportMarch 2016
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Status Open
Closing Information
This program is open on an ongoing basis.
Funding Type Rebate
Maximum Funding $10,000
Total Funding Pool $500,000
Requires Co-contribution? Yes
Competitive No
Location Northern Territory
General - Non-Industry Specific
Start-up / Establishment
Transport and Distribution
Difficulty Rating
Department of Business
Program Administrator
Department of Business
Telephone 08 8946 9550
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