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Trade Support Scheme
Program ID: 5860
This program aims to provide financial help to Northern Territory (NT) businesses to offset the costs of international marketing activities.

The scheme may provide:
- Airfares (up to 50% of the cost of a return economy class airfare out of the Northern Territory)
- Marketing and promotion (up to 50% of costs to a maximum of $10,000)
- Website design (up to 50% of costs to a maximum of $5,000)
- Freight (up to 50% of costs to a maximum of $2,000)
- International Trade exhibitions and conferences (up to 50% of costs to a maximum of $6,000)
- International accommodation (up to 50% of costs to a maximum of $200 per person per day)
- On-the-ground expenses (fixed payment of $150 per day per person)
- Training (up to 50% of costs related to export marketing to a maximum of $1,000)
- Inbound buyers (if the company brings in a prospective international client or business partner, they may claim from the funding categories listed above)
- Australian Tourism Exchange (up to a maximum of of $3,000)

Financial assistance under the program is offered as a taxable cash reimbursement on approved marketing expenditure. Applications are required to be lodged at least 14 days prior to the intended activity.

As announced in the 2013-14 Budget, $500,000 will be available to assist businesses to develop export opportunities.
Who Can Apply
Eligible applicants include businesses, industry groups and other organisations with a substantial presence in the NT, and must show the:
- Proposed project is likely to be successful.
- Trade and economic benefits the project will bring to the NT.
- Have made less than eight successful applications for the Australian government's Export Market Development Grant.
Eligible Activities
Eligible activities include:
- Attendance at international trade exhibitions and conferences.
- Transporting trade show materials or product samples.
- Updating website with information on products for export or writing a web page in another language.
- Bringing clients to the NT to assess goods, services or facilities.
Applies to
Web OverviewMay 2017
Application FormMay 2017
Scheme Trip ReportMay 2017
Use these documents as a guide only - always get the latest direct from the Administrator
Status Open
Closing Information
This program is open on an ongoing basis.
Funding Type Rebate
Maximum Funding $10,000
Total Funding Pool $500,000
Requires Co-contribution? Yes
Competitive No
Location Northern Territory
General - Non-Industry Specific
Start-up / Establishment
Transport and Distribution
Difficulty Rating
Department of Business
Program Administrator
Department of Business
Telephone 08 8946 9550
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