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Growth Fund – Next Generation Manufacturing Investment Programme
Program ID: 11349
This programme aims to support the Australian government's commitment to promoting Australia's competitiveness and productivity, including facilitating a strong manufacturing industry which exploits domestic competitiveness advantages. It is part of the $155 million Growth Fund established by the Commonwealth government of Australia and the support is aimed at manufacturers in Victoria and South Australia.

The programme seeks to support the Australian government's goals by funding capital projects that aim to:
- Accelerate private sector investment in areas of high value manufacturing, in Victoria and South Australia.
- Assist firms to build scale and capability and be competitive in new or growing markets.

Grants between $500,000 and $2.5 million up to one third of eligible project cost for up to a three-year period is available on a 1:2 matched funding basis.

The Australian government is providing and additional $29.1 million that will operate over five years, starting 2015-16 to 2019-20.
Who Can Apply
Eligible applicants must:
- Be an entity incorporated in Australia under the Corporations Act2001 (Ch) that is non-income tax exempt and where its trading activities:
a) Form a sufficient significant proportion of its overall activities to merit it being described as a trading corporation.
b) Are a substantial and not merely peripheral activity of the corporation.
- Have an Australian Business Number (ABN).
- Be registered for the Goods and Services Tax (GST).
- Not be named by the Affirmative Action Agency as an organisation that has not compiled with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Ch).

Please refer to the Guidelines for the list of ineligible applicants.
Eligible Activities
Eligible activities include:
- Acquisition, installation, construction and commissioning of new machinery and equipment.
- Fit-out, alterations and/or extensions to existing premises related to the new machinery or equipment acquired through the project.
- Training directly related to use and maintenance of any new equipment or machinery to be acquired through the project.

Projects may include activities at multiple sites, provided the sites are in the same State and the activities are part of the same project.

Please refer to the Guidelines for the list of ineligible activities and eligible expenditures.
Main Assessment Criteria
The main assessment criteria include the:
- Level of net economic benefit to be generated by the project. (40%)
- Extent to which the project represents a new or expanded high value activity by the applicant. (40%)
- Value for money offered by grant support for the project. (20%)

Please refer to the Guidelines for complete information of these criteria.
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GuidelinesJuly 2017
Customer Information GuideJuly 2017
FAQsJuly 2017
Fact SheetJuly 2017
Guide To Managing the GrantJuly 2017
Eligible Expenditure GuidelinesJuly 2017
Sample Funding AgreementJuly 2017
RecipientsJuly 2017
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Status Pending
Start Application 29 December 2015
Opening Date 29 January 2016
Closing Date 18 April 2016
Closing Information
The next funding round is yet to be announced.
Funding Type Grant
Minimum Funding $500,000
Maximum Funding $2.5M
Requires Co-contribution? Yes
Competitive Yes
Location South Australia
General - Non-Industry Specific
Automotive and Marine
Infrastructure / Equipment
Training / Employment
Difficulty Rating
Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
Program Administrator
Telephone 132 846
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