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Business Transformation Voucher Program (BTVP)
Program ID: 11296
This program aims to help businesses develop and implement new activities or improve existing operations with the aim of enhancing the profitability, productivity and competitiveness of South Australian manufacturing firms. It seeks to support small and medium sized enterprises to gain expert advice that will assist their business to grow and diversify.

The objectives of the program are to:
- Improve the profitability of South Australian manufacturers by facilitating increased:
a) Diversification through developing new markets, products and service offerings
b) Productivity through process improvement
c) Competitiveness through innovation and strategy
- Encourage innovation within manufacturing firms through supporting the development of new capabilities, new markets and new customer offerings.
- Create and retain manufacturing employment.
- Increase potential for exports, by increasing the global competitiveness of firms.

The voucher will contribute up to 50% of eligible expenditure, to a maximum of $50,000. A total funding pool of $4.5 million has been allocated over three financial years from 2014-15 to 2016-17.
Who Can Apply
Eligible applicants must:
- Be a financially viable Australian manufacturing business with a majority of its business conducted in South Australia.
- Have been in operation for longer than 12 months.
- Be able to enter into a legally binding funding agreement with the South Australian government.
- Be willing to provide information and data, including financial information as required.
- Be prepared to commit to Senior Executive or Board level engagement.
- Submit a proposal that has been developed and co-endorsed by both the applicant and an eligible service provider.
- Commit to contribute a minimum of 50% of eligible expenditure (exclusive of in-kind contributions) from non-government funding.

Eligible service providers must be able to demonstrate its capabilities to deliver the services required by the business seeking assistance.
Eligible Activities
Eligible projects include any or all of the following activities:
- Undertaking business improvement reviews, development of plans and recommendations for improving the profitability, productivity and employment of the business.
- Implementation of recommendations by consultant.

Eligible services include:
- Review and identification of business/manufacturing process improvements
- Marketing and brand strategy
- Business model development, business planning
- Management training/mentoring
- Export readiness
- Implementation of review recommendations

Please review the Guidelines for the list of eligible and ineligible expenditure.
Main Assessment Criteria
The main assessment criteria include the:
- Impact of the project on improving profitability.
- Extent of new capabilities, new markets and new products or services being developed through the project.
- Projected increase in exports.
- Capacity and capability of the nominated service provider to deliver the project.
- Capacity and capability, including management capability of the applicant to successfully undertake the project and to drive sustainable growth, long term employment and potential for export revenue.
- Methodology proposed to undertake the project.
- Projected benefits to the South Australian economy, including the contribution of the proposed activities to the diversification of the South Australian economy, employment and the extent of innovation, including new technology or new business models.
Applies to
Status Open
Closing Information
This program is open on an ongoing basis. Applicants will be notified on the outcome of their application within six weeks of lodgement.
Funding Type Voucher
Maximum Funding $50,000
Total Funding Pool $4.5M
Requires Co-contribution? Yes
Competitive Yes
Location South Australia
General - Non-Industry Specific
Infrastructure / Equipment
Start-up / Establishment
Training / Employment
Difficulty Rating
Department of State Development (DSD)
Program Administrator
Department of State Development (DSD)
Telephone 08 8303 2543
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