Northern Territory Budget 2016-17
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Northern Territory's Budget 2016-17 was handed down on 24 May 2016 by Treasurer David William Tollner. Please find a quick summary of grants below:

• $5 million to continue the Tourism Infrastructure Development Fund established to assist tourism operators to continue making improvements to existing products and provide new or expanded accommodation facilities.

• $20 million for the Home Improvement Scheme to support home owners and provide opportunities for small businesses.

• $4.6 million for industry development grants to enhance the capacity and capability of local businesses.

• $11 million for the Community Benefit Fund to provide community grants and continue gambling amelioration and research programs.

• $4 million to support various community organisations across the Territory through the multicultural, youth, seniors and community support grant programs.

• $17.6 million for grants to support sports in the Territory including the Sports Voucher Scheme.

The Government's budget report can be found here.
Publish Date 27 May 2016
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