Victorian Government 2016-17 Budget
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The second budget of the Victorian Labor Government has been big on infrastructure with rail and road receiving significant dollars, but light on changes for business.

Some of the areas which will benefit business are:
• $200 million for the creation of the Agriculture Infrastructure and Jobs Fund.
• $66 million to expand and support the Victorian Government Business Office network.
• $50 million is also provided to replenish the Premier’s Jobs and Investment Fund.
• $111 million boost to the Future Industries Fund.
• $33.8 million to deliver the Government’s first Creative Industries strategy targeted at generating productivity, income, jobs and export earnings.
• $53 million for the creation of Jobs Victoria to coordinate all Victorian employment programs.
• $101 million for The Regional Tourism Infrastructure Fund.
• $116 million for the Investment Attraction and Assistance Program, bringing more jobs to Victoria.

While we had hoped there would be announcements on programs that were paused over a year ago, like the Innovation Vouchers, Technology Vouchers and Technology Trade and International Partnering (TRIP), there haven’t been any announcements on them as yet. We will continue to keep you up to date with any changes, if and when they occur.
Publish Date 27 April 2016
Article type Inside Insights