Export Grants & Assistance
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Are you exporting products? Expanding your business overseas?

Did you know that there are federal and state government programs to support you? Financial incentives, cash grants and in-kind services may all be on the cards for your business - you don’t have to do it alone.

So before dipping your toes in overseas adventures, take some time to see what you could be eligible for. You could save a lot of time, a decent amount of money, and make valuable connections to help you succeed. Assistance is available to attend trade missions, reduce your marketing costs, access general financing and insurance, duty concessions, mentoring programs and more.

Some particularly great programs you should know about include:

The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)
This program offers up to $150,000 cash back per annum on eligible marketing expenses. It’s not a competitive grants program, so if you’re eligible you’re in for a 50% rebate. You need to be spending at least $15,000 per year with a turnover of under $50 million. Find out more here.

Tradex Scheme
This scheme allows a business to gain an up-front exemption from customs duty and GST on eligible imported goods that are intended for export. The goods may be exported either; in the same condition as imported, after being subjected to a process or treatment, or after being incorporated into other goods. This is a federal program, open on an ongoing basis. Find out more.

Designed to assist small and medium-sized Australian companies to achieve long term success in international markets, TradeStart offers a package of free services particularly suited to businesses new to exporting. This includes advice and information, export coaching and assistance on the ground in foreign markets. Find out more.

GrantGuru has 60 grant programs listed that are specifically designed to help export businesses. You can access the full list here.
Publish Date 24 November 2015
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