Small Business Grants
Most Small Business in Australia know that grants and funding programs exist but find the process all too hard!

After all, Small Business is typically resource restrained and overworked. But a government grant can really help, especially when you are starting a new business or running an SMEs. Lots of people ask us, where can I find small business grants all in one location?

We became frustrated searching the web, going from site to site, trying to unravel the grants maze. So we built our own solution.

"Results! It's all about results. GrantGuru navigated the murky waters of the government grants system and help us achieve fantastic results. Couldn't have done it without GrantGuru and wouldn't want to try." John Weichard Managing Director, D2P.

That is where GrantGuru can help.

GrantGuru can quickly help you find funding based 3 key criteria:

  • your location
  • industry and/or
  • activity

Of course, if you want a more sophisticated search we can also cater to that! Especially with key word Boolean operators.

Small Business Grants do not generally fund infrastructure or equipment. They usually provide support in the form of professional services and assistance you need to get started, like developing a business plan, marketing strategy or training grants to skill-up, for you or your team. There is also support for technical innovation, research and development (R&D) and technology creation. Some of the capital cities have grants to establish new business opportunities in the CBD.

And, if you already have written your own business plan, or had one prepared, this information can be readily used to complete grant applications - in fact, it will form the basis for most submissions. Applying for grants can be easy. Get started today!