Information Technology Grants
The roll-out of the national broadband network (NBN) has seen an increase in grant programs directly supporting information technology initiatives  - especially those that encourage the take up and use of digital technology over broadband, particularly for health, education and business.

Many other grant and assistance programs also support IT&C projects, albeit indirectly, through support of IT activities within a project, such as:
1. The development of software and hardware technology that underpins innovation development; or
2. The use of IT as a facilitator to achieve a solution in a specific sector or industry.

What innovation assistance is available for IT projects?

Standard activities such as building a website, implementing an IT management system or integrating an ERP solution do not generally attract grant assistance. Funding is usually directed towards new or innovative projects that are first of a kind or novel.

Can IT companies get grants?

Some specific IT grants exist from time to time in support of games development, app creation, overseas travel for marketing, trade fairs and missions, multimedia production, adoption of digital technology, demonstration of cutting edge ICT applications and high capacity broadband applications.

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